Hey folks! So, there’s some chatter going around about where the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) might be heading for their Year 4 LAN events. Get this: a Reddit user, “/Whoa_Boy”, stumbled upon a podcast bit where “NiceWigg”, the ALGS Watch party host, hinted at popping over to Japan twice next year for “some stuff he cant talk about”. He didn’t spill the beans on why, but now everyone’s guessing Tokyo might be on the cards for a LAN event. How cool would that be, especially for the huge Japan fan base!

But wait, there’s more! Another Redditor, “/Cantbearsdman”, dropped that pro player “Gnaske” was throwing around some names like Paris, Tokyo, and some city in North America as possible LAN spots. But hey, don’t get too hyped just yet. Neither the ALGS bigwigs nor Respawn Entertainment have given the official nod. So, we’re all just here, waiting and hoping for some epic news about the next Apex Legends season. Fingers crossed! Credit to ALGS for finding and reporting this information!

Podcast Clip: