Hey there, Legends! Ready for the lowdown on the freshest apex ranked changes coming in Season 19? You’re in the right spot! We’ve combed through the latest apex ranked patch notes to bring you the highlights. No fluff, just the good stuff – here’s what’s shaking up the Arena:

Boosted Bonuses, Bye Sweaty Matches! First off, climbing the ranked ladder is getting a tad easier. They are increasing the amount of Rating Bonus given to players ranking up. More Rating Bonuses means you hit your actual rank faster, so matches feel more balanced – think challenging, but without the over-the-top sweat. And for the grinders hitting their peak, the game’s easing up on the brakes, so you keep climbing smoothly.

Kinder, Gentler Provisionals Remember the heartache after those first 10 games? Big relief coming: the rank slide is gentler now, hoping to stick closer to a 1.5 tier drop once complete. This means you start the season closer to where you should be – no more provisional jitters!

Squad Up, No Fuss! Big applause, please: no more rank restrictions for 3-stack teams! Yes, you heard it. Team up with buddies, regardless of rank. The catch? Brace for tougher battles if there’s a wide skill gap. Fair’s fair, after all.

Devs on Watch Rest easy knowing the devs are keeping a sharp eye on these changes. They’re all about keeping the game fun, fair, and exploit-free. (Think, under the map and healing in zone.. *hopefully*)

Stay Tuned for More This isn’t the endgame, folks. There’s chatter about more changes on the way. So, keep those headsets on for the latest updates!

Season 19’s shaking the tree in Apex’s ranked jungle, making it more about slick plays and sweet times with your squad. Ready to dive into the fray and feel the changes for real? Gear up, Legends – it’s game time!

Check out this season’s Apex ranks distribution: