UPDATE: Since this leak was posted, the originally leaker has deleted their tweet and rumors of possibility of merging still coming have been spreading. It does seem everyone agrees that there will be cross progression this season, only the details being argued by leakers.

Apex fans, the wait has been long, but the moment is here. Season 19 is not just another season; it’s the season where Apex Legends is introducing the much-awaited cross progression feature. For those who’ve been eagerly typing “Apex cross progression” into search bars and hoping for good news, your prayers have been answered.

Drawing inspiration from other big names in the gaming industry, specifically Fortnite, Season 19 of Apex Legends is leveling up its game. With one unified account across all platforms, players can enjoy the true essence of “Apex cross progression” just as Fortnite fans have for a while. If you’ve been dreaming of switching between your PS5 and PC without losing any progress, Season 19 has you covered.

Apex Cross Progression Caveat: No Account Merging

Let’s dive deeper into the specifics of “Apex cross progression” in Season 19. While having multiple accounts is a sign of dedication (or indecision), there’s a small catch. There won’t be any account merging. In the world of Apex Legends, each account stands its ground. So, those who have cultivated accounts on multiple platforms, treat them as unique entities. They each have their story to tell.

Show Off Your Skins Everywhere in Season 19

The beauty of Apex cross progression in Season 19 isn’t just about stats; it’s about style too. All your hard-earned (or generously purchased) skins will be available across platforms. That’s right; Season 19 ensures your fashionable footprint remains consistent whether you’re gaming on console or PC.

In the world of Apex Legends, Season 19 is turning out to be more than just another number. With the introduction of “Apex cross progression”, Respawn Entertainment has shown they’re attuned to their fans’ desires. So, gear up, Legends! Season 19 is set to redefine your gaming experience. And remember, every search for “Apex cross progression” was worth it. The battlefield awaits!