What an insane day of changes as the community finally gets a glimpse into the the apex patch notes for season 14! We put them all together for our viewers to be able to easily reference, lets take a look!

Earlier today the embargo lifted on early information that was sent out to news outlets by respawn, dexerto shared a lot of that information on twitter for us.

New Level Cap , you will be able to loop through levels 1-500 three additional times. Some what like a prestige system from other games. This will essentially mean you can earn 544 packs for free now and are guaranteed to get a free heirloom!

Wingman is now Sniper Ammo

Spitfire is now light ammo.

Gold Knockdown now has the perks of the current Gold Backpack (Guardian Angel) Self Revive is removed from the game.

Gold Backpack has a new perk called Deep Pockets which allow you to stack extra meds. 3 MedKits / Batts / 2 Phoenix Kits.

Supply Drop Weapons will be

  • Bocek Bow
  • Rampage LMG

Eva-8 Received a big buff as the devs aim to make it a go to shotgun for close quarter fast combat.

  • Fire Rate Increase
  • Bolts increase Fire Rate even more
  • Adding Stocks
  • Double tap hop-up returns

Skullpiercer hop-up returns for Wingman, Longbow and 30-30 Repeater

New Laser Sights Attachment!

You can equip the new laser sights onto SMGs and Pistols, it grants a large hipfire spread reduction and you can customize laser color just like reticles. Your teammates are the only ones that can see the laser.

The Devo and RE-45 are going into the Replicator rotation in season 14

These are just the initial changes we know about but Im sure there will be more! Special thanks to AlphaINTEL on twitter for the information!