You may not be aware of the fact that demotion does not actually matter this season. How so?

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With the new rules implemented in Season 13 that allow for demotion, many users thought you must maintain your rank as with prior seasons to get your rewards. This is not true. If you hit masters, you can play like a crazy person all you want because your rewards are locked in as Masters rewards.

That’s right, you are guaranteed Masters rewards even if you demote and end as diamond. Look at this excerpt here from the Season 13 Patch notes.

“..rewards will be granted based on the highest RP threshold achieved”

This could explain why we see a lot of platinum and diamond players, willing to land on pred trails to punch them out in ranked games. This last week, it just does not matter. Unless you think you can achieve a higher rank than you have already.

However this is not the case for Apex Predators, you must finish Apex Pred to collect the reward for it. Here is a dev replying to someone explaining this on reddit.

So go out there and enjoy this last split of Season 13, because after all.. it doesn’t matter :/