Respawn has acknowledged the issue and said they are looking into it.


However with this response we also saw Josh Medina post a gif saying “That’s definitely undercooked” meaning either the nerf created unintentional consequences once again (they tried to previously nerf and reverted it) or that whatever they were trying to actually fix was not supposed to cause this change in Tap-Strafing.



To see Respawn’s full thoughts and goals to adjusting Tap-Strafing check out the 10.1 Apex Legends Patch Notes HERE where they covered it extensively at the end of the notes!



Original Post:

In what appears to be a server side fix, tap strafing is no longer working for people. However since it is server side, we are still waiting for it to hit every server.


  • https://twitter.com/alphaINTEL/status/1559254851011448836

Tap Strafing is an ability to completely change direction and momentum mid air, allowing for some extreme movement and often criticized as another advantage for mouse and keyboard players over controllers even though it is possible to get it to work with controller inputs on PC.


Respawn had initially released a fix to prevent its use a few seasons back but the fix caused a lot of other issues to pop up so they reverted it and never spoke of it again. While we should of expected it to be removed sooner than later after we saw how quick punch boosting was removed, it is still a shock to see a movement that was a big part of a lot of players games — being removed!



Respawn has not officially announced the patching of this ability which does leave the door open that it may have been a side effect of attempt to fix other bugs such as the instant jump with the new character Vantage. We are still waiting on official word from Respawn and will update this article as soon as its out, but for now it appears that MNK Stonks DOWN and Controller Stonks are UP!