If you have been watching Effect take the #1 spot recently, you may have noticed something;

his entry cost is over 200rp. This was supposed to be capped at 175 but it appears that Respawn changed the new cap to be 250rp. We can assume the change is to attempt to slow down the wild run at the top of the leaderboard.

According to AG420 an apex leaker, there was an override written into the playlist to set it to 250 just recently.

Is this enough to help balance the top end of the apex ranked leaderboard? Maybe, but it does not change the fact that the rest of the leaderboard is full of preds daily gaining over 2k rp and very few losing rp in a session. Until the matchmaking is completely fixed, we may not see the leaderboard return to normal and we can expect a very high pred cap. Perhaps we will see a more competitive fight at the top though with this much higher buy in. This didn’t stop Effect from scoring a 20 bomb and 600+ rp game though!