Start and End Date, What is Flashpoint, and Event Rewards

Hey Legends!

The new Flashpoint LTM is here and the Unshackled Event is live for Apex Legends. That means it is time to drop in and grind for that new event loot. This event is special because not only are we getting unique cosmetics and skins, but we are also getting an LTM as well.

What is Flashpoint?

Flashpoint is a mode that drops you into a BR mode where healing items are removed and replaced with a healing dome on the map. It is worth noting that these are large blue domes scattered throughout the map, and the final circle will always be on a dome. Prepare and plan accordingly when entering as it can be very chaotic inside the last few domes.

Event Rewards and Event Duration

The Unshackled Event started today April 19th and will end on May 3rd. Like all events, the Unshackled Event has a Reward Tracker so you can see how many points you need to unlock each event. For all rewards, you will need 6000 points. The way to do this is to complete Unshackled Event challenges, they reward you points and are your only way to unlock rewards.

See you in the domes and on that grind Legends!