We wanted to share some insight into the information being shared about PC Masters players and give you accurate numbers so that perhaps the conversation can take place with accurate information.

You may have seen graphs like this shared on Twitter:

This is the graph from Apex Tracker. On this graph it shows there is 13,276 Masters players, what it doesn’t explain very well is that this is only according to the players they track, which is not the total amount.

In fact the total amount is actually around 62,000 PC masters players right now, how do we know this accurately? Well everyone is ranked once you hit masters. Prior to masters apex gives you a ranking of -1, after that you are assigned a global ranking. On apexranked.com we only list you via your actual in-game rank.

How big of a jump is this from last split? Last split ended at around 44,000 Masters players, which we have seen slowly trend upwards but to be at over 60,000 currently is a monstrous jump. What is the reason for this? There is a new influx of players every split and players improve every split, but the new ranked system that favors placement over kills may be the reason for this huge jump. There are more players that can play well as a team and get a top placement than there is teams/players who can frag out against other top players. There are also new dashboarding glitches for console that people may be abusing with crossplay. We do not for sure know the reason for these massive changes and would love to hear what you think! Feel free to join the PC Pred/Masters ONLY discord and share your thoughts!

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