Hey everyone! We at apexranked.com have implemented many ways to track details about your game play that we are logging every day and testing in the background. As we continue to gather data we are also able to spot strange changes to users RP gains along with when people are banned from the leaderboard.

We have decided to start sharing some of the bans publicly so that people can see that it isn’t 100% safe to be a cheater in Apex Legends. You will even see a top 10 ban in here. We can not confirm any bans or reasons for the bans, all we can confirm is that the users on this list at the time of putting it together are all 100% removed from Apex Ranked Leaderboard which we can assume means they were banned. We also can not tell if they were bans that happened on purpose or not, nor how long the ban will be in most cases so please keep that in mind. Here is the list for February bans:

Make sure to join us in the PC Masters/Pred discord especially if you are ever looking for teammates to play with! If you want to add yourself to the leaderboard simply search your ORIGIN name in the search bar, then check back in about 20 minutes. You must have over 10,000RP to be added!

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Thanks everyone!

ApexRanked.com Team