Walk through wall let’s players literally hide as if we have rats crawling in the walls!

Hey Legends, you ever have that feeling like you’re being watched and you know there is a rat nearby? Well if you are traversing or landing in this spot on Olympus, then you better trust your gut. There is a wall that can be walked through that some players have found and are exploiting. This can be very annoying when playing Ranked and trying to get to that Masters rank.

You can see the guy even shooting from behind his wall. Which makes this spot worse than a normal cubby hole or box pile where the player can’t shoot you while hiding.

Here is the location specifically on the map:

Olympus Map – Apex Legends

So when you happen to come to this area either stay clear of this wall part or keep a sharp eye on it. Never know when the ring may force you to this part of the map. If phantom bullets are coming your way then you know where to look.

See you in the grind!